Video Poker instruction from casino author/expert Steve Bourie that teaches you the details on how video poker machines work and how to be a long-term winner at the game.

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33 Replies to “Video Poker – How to Win and How it Works”

  1. I live in Vegas and have a question about a lifelong thing I have heard. That beginners are sqeemish and hesitant to go all the way into the casino so the machines nearest the doors are best odds so they do good and over a period of time wander in more deeply

  2. I have a question when the casino lower the percentage will a machine show a pay line that would have paid say at 96% but not 93%? I don’t know why casino turn there ATM off and make the customers use the pay windows which the fees are higher and I think it’s to get you away from machines so they can idol and make you walk further away so they can change the odds.

  3. I just played video poker for the first time this week. I really enjoyed it so my friend sent me your videos to watch. Thank you for all of your shared knowledge for a newcomer like me! Ignore the haters too 😎

  4. I'm confused because in the last video I watched about the slot machines, you said that they had a fixed % range (from the 80's to 90's) based on how much $ each slot machine requires and that the only ones that were often changed were server-based ones that can change via computer. Now you're saying there's no way to tell what payouts each slot machine you sit at has and that they could all be different? Did all slot machines change to this server-based thing you mentioned within a year of that last video? I'd guess modern-day they probably all use that as it would give them the most flexibility and earning potential. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding this all together and if so I apologize not really a gambler, but interested in the subject.

  5. I once heard video poker is the best odds and I have no idea wtf they were talking about lol. My best odds have always been 5 hands of sidebet blackjack.

  6. And how do I, as a gambler KNOW that the machine uses a random 52 card deck, and not having a script that nudges the odds in the "banks" favour? (Not to mention how the "random" number is drawn. There is a huge cluster dumpster when it comes to randomness). I can't, so your explanation for "how it works" is either incredibly naïve, or you're lying. Either way, I wouldn't take any gambling tips from you.

  7. This guys an idiot. So you look at the pay table and it tells you how much the machine is set to payback? This dipshit probably hasn’t noticed that the deuces wild games paytable is significantly smaller than regular 5 card draw. Because your odds are increased of hitting a better hand since there’s 4 more wilds in the deck. Oh and you can figure a slots paytable. You just can’t tell what it may give you if you hit a bonus

  8. After looking at your channel an awful lot, I subscribed. I, also, intend to purchase some of your products.
    As an aside, I thought that you were referring to the machine as "Michelle", when I first started viewing your videos. I thought it was a superstition thing by talking nicely to the machine. "Good work Michelle" or some such endearment. Along the line of some people patting their slot machine or turning up the volume.
    Perhaps I have no business gaming at all. Because a voice spoke up and I realize it belong to your wife, Michelle. 😂😂😂
    Honestly, I didn't think of that aspect. No disrespect meant

  9. I love how all of these videos show games that have only 5 coin bets. Every one I see at the casino has 10, 20, or more just to get to max bet.

  10. Steve, I’m really liking your talk about video poker and have a question. How does the machine pick the first five cards? Does the machine just grab one of the 2,598,960 initial five card combinations? You said that in slots the casino can program in more winning combinations. Does video poker work the same by adding more initial winning or losing five card combinations? Thanks.

  11. As a software programmer I am trying to understand how this video poker program works. Your message about it seems to be conflicting.

    After a player has set their bet and pressed the deal button, what happens?

    Is the game always "shuffling" the deck until you hit deal, where it deals out the very next 5 cards in the sequence or does the game randomly deal out 5 cards randomly from the deck; meaning it has an array of cards 1 to 52 and it deals out 11, 21, 36, 37, 49?

    After it has dealt your initial 5 cards, what is the machine doing during this time while you decide your hold cards?

    Is it still "shuffling" the deck while you decide, randomizing the remaining cards until you hit deal where it simply deals the next 5 cards in sequence or will it now randomly select N cards from the remaining array of cards based on the amount of discards you have?

    This is where I am getting a little confused. I understand it is not a slot machine, but it seems like your implying it is when you point out the total possible hands from a 52 card deck and you mentioned it is continuously shuffling the deck. Also how it "deals" the cards would go a long way in explaining the odds of achieving a winning hand.

  12. The math says that 4 aces should be an equally likely event in double double bonus poker and deuces wild. I have ended up with more hands of 4 aces in deuces wild than in double double bonus even though I play double double bonus poker about 8 times more frequently than deuces wild. I used to agree with the the authors but my trials over 3 years have proven statistical improbability that the games are fairly dealt. As a programmer, i know how easy it is for a subroutine to written to skew the odds. Who is going to prove otherwise? Don't tell me that the casinos have honest video poker games. Another observation: How often does a blank hand get dealt with good multipliers in Ultimate X? Now, maybe I am extremely unlucky. But 3 years worth? I don't think so.

  13. Steve, how is it that casinos will allow you to play their video poker games with the EV strategy in hand, either with a hard copy printout or say an app on your smart phone? Won't they "back you off" the game if they catch you doing this. Much like they do when they catch someone counting cards at a 21 Table.

  14. How is it possible talking abt a 52 cards deck
    I once pressed play and quads six combination with king where mentioned on the screen
    After pressing small or big in those cards
    The result was a 6 ! How can that be possible if u saying its a 52 deck cards and i am talking abt the good luck machine

  15. My question is the CPU smart enough to not give a big winning hand.
    Let's say for example you need a king of hearts for a royal straight flush.
    Does the machine know and just never give you that card.
    That's why I think real decks are a safer bet

  16. I have got conflicting answers when the cards are dealt. I read you get dealt five cards and then five cards are dealt under them are is the card you get if you throw the top one away. Or if you keep 3 , are the next two cards off what would be the top of the deck.

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