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43 Replies to “Watch Full World Poker Tour Gardens Main Event Final Table”

  1. After a few hours of listening to this, I think the commentators have spent more time advertising for the WPT than they have talking about the action that we're watching. I'm gonna mute this and put on some music from HÖR BERLIN.

  2. The commentary is dreadful, boring and dead. The same tone of voice for how many hours??? And these guys don't discuss the players hands. Don't know how they landed their jobs! Vince von Patton and company are the best…

  3. ClubWPT is a con, 100% unregulated scam. Don't buy that nonsense. "America" banned poker the same year China bought this scam site..beware, do not buy a year!

  4. Announcers miss so much when they're gabbing about nothing. Jared folded Ace – 4 at 1:34:00 and would've had a full house. They totally missed it – no comment at all from them.

  5. This is most boring final table I've ever watched. I understand that top players have incredible discipline and don't like to give away tells, but zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  6. Getting tired of seeing women having their boobs hanging out to distract the players. Wonder what theyd say if i had my balls hanging out of my pants?

  7. We went from Mike Sexton and vince with the fancy set to THIS?? Looks like a bad TCH or Best Bet stream vs a WPT final table.

  8. There was something going on at 5:38:00 but these commentators are good for almost nothing. Focus on whats going on at the table not your own personal agenda, please.

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