Once again it’s time to discuss the age old argument of exploitative play vs. “GTO”, or game theory optimal strategy. A lot of players romanticize the idea of looking a man in the eye and letting their gut decide if they’ve got it. Or picking up on an opponent’s tendency and maximally punishing it with huge adjustments. This is not a sensible way to formulate a winning poker strategy.

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47 Replies to “We Need To Talk About THE ONE TRUE WAY To Play Poker”

  1. Great video. I feel like every time I make a raise, I'm beat😞😞😞 unless I have the nuts!😀😀. But, then they river the bad beat😞😞😞

  2. If I seen someone min-raising all the time I would generally label them as a maniac fish, I would probably start reraising with marginal hands like King 10 and I would call practically every single hand at least if they were suited…….

  3. massive game of the chance ,,,therefore rely on luck is disgusting ,,bad beats??/ thats what u call it ,.. to justify frustrations because u lost with 12 outs against 2 … which is LUCK

  4. I can’t imagine what it must be like, putting so much into ONE SINGLE THING, for a significant period of your life…but then…it PAYING OFF SO EXPONENTIALLY. He talks sooooo goddamn fast, most times you can’t even know for sure that you understood every word he said, in ANY sentence. He’s just so intelligent about the subject. Every angle. Every facet. There’s nothing he can’t talk about, and not know MORE THAN YOU ABOUT…in heads up. So many words. So much information. So many things that even the TOP NOTCH players don’t even think of. They don’t think of it..meanwhile, he’s goddamn MASTERED IT. I don’t mean to get in the comments and jack him off, I just think it’s very under appreciated…exactly how intelligent he is. Doug, man…you’re an extremely impressive human being.

  5. My favorite exploit is to intentionally play a few shitty hands early so the people who think that's how I play will call anything I do later

  6. Ur ideas r great but ur making everyone's ev exploitativly n/r. Thanks dumbass now bluffing is almost impossible. How u gonna justify the new wave of degeneracy?

  7. It's a tough ask but maybe do what Lex did, doing a breakdown of all his hands from years ago when he first started playing. Old school series it was called. Was really interesting to see how his play has developed over the past decade or so!

  8. Unfortunately you mentioned Christopher Columbus in the first minute. He was a joke, and most of your videos are a joke. We all know this shit. One of the problems with your videos is they are to long. I realize you are very knowledgeable in poker, but your videos are way too long ……

  9. Great vid, very interesting.. You hear about how poker has changed, but having these stats of how your game changes is really good. It was something different too compared to Polker hands. Can NL Holdem change that much now though? Where as you would hear doing certain strategies were good and things would change, with solvers theres no where new to go?

  10. Loved this video. And I think you going through more hand histories would be a blast for future videos. Love this content in particular.

  11. You just broke down what makes hold em so addictive and fun, adjusting to your player pool, trying new strats etc etc, u sure ur retired for good brah?

  12. Steal the blinds with a min raise? At my local casino, I honest to god cannot imagine a 5X early position raise NOT being called by at least 3 or 4 players. It's the ultimate minefield lol

  13. This was one of your greatest videos Doug. It's just that, now I feel I have to go and do all these analyses of my Pokertracker records. Damn.

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