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  1. Hello, thank you so much for this video. I am still learning to play poker. One thing that I cannot find in all poker tutorial is that: Is poker allow the players to stop playing anytime (even though the player still have coins)? I am still searching for that answer. Or is there a rule that a player has to play for a certain games first? Can I just leave the game after I win a game?

  2. If you feel unable to walk away (weather winning or losing) you should seek help for a gambling addiction, why do you never talk about gambling addiction and stopping gambling all together on your channel ?

  3. Wish I saw this 3 sessions before. Just came back to playing. My pride kills me. Gotta remember sometimes leaving even is winning. Will stick to this system next time I play.

  4. This guy is a scammer. He is using his words and his no threatening image to convince naive people to dream about making money out of poker. And he know full well that this stupid dream will cost them a lot of actual money.

  5. Thanks man I totally need this. I have played for 8 hours straight and have a good profit but I decided to keep playing and the last hour I lost 25% of my winnings. I felt devastated. I need to clear my mindset and I'll follow your tip to have my own schedule. Thanks Daniel!

  6. This great advice when I played for a living and all those extra hrs it just turned into a horrible grind I got sick ove the game it's not even fun now 15 yrs later

  7. Late to this video ovb lol but I did that before aswell turned $100 into $1000 at a 1-3 table. As I said okay time to leave I pick up pocket kings I ended up shoving all in pre against AQ welp ace right on the flop that $1000 went to $150 lol was so heated but thats what I get.

  8. Lately just been getting sucked out on like crazy it seems like all of my pre flop shoves im ahead i get miracles or if im AK or KQ not only that its all of my pocket pairs too they lose flips its insane how bad i run online. Live is completely different should i loosen up? Or should i continue to play the way i do normally and itll eventually even out? Because ACR is really constantly fucking me its crazy I have so many recorded hands the river changes the odds from like 75 25 to me being almost 9 to 1 its sickening getting called with a vulnerable hand but still being ahead then losing. Only a few dozen hands have i honestly gotten my money in bad other than that i feel like online is just a bunch of clueless people. Also maybe becsuse it's low stakes not sure but live is what I am sticking with

  9. Everything you said about these situations I imagined myself in that pace in the past …😂 I have literally done all of these stupid things …. thank you so much for this guide …. it will help me a lot

  10. i take $40 in and set a time for normally 3 hours.

    unless winning. then id go to 4 hours.

    but if i put 40 in. i want to triple it. cash it out. and switch tables and rebuy for 40.

    i know me, if i have the chips on the table. ill bet it. so might as well be cash in pocket

  11. Sir, how about you already won a certain amount but want to quit early not continue the game. What is the etiquette to get off the table

  12. Before I watch, PokerVT helped me win my only $25 live earnings by playing a gapped connector in position. Yes, this is common knowledge but, for a noob, the look on everyone's face at the Hustler Casino in LA was priceless. Currently I'm recovering from going broke at 10NL online lol.

  13. If after 6 hours you’re winning why not just quit then. It’s when you say to yourself “I’ll just play a few more hands” that’s when the wheels start falling off the wagon.

  14. I was once up 1k on a table of 4 guys. I hit my time limit of when I told my wife id be home and got up to leave. Two of them were so angry at me that I had to call security. They had been on the table over 8 hours. I was only there 3-4.

  15. "Have a life"

    One of the best pieces of advice in Barry Greenstein's excellent book "Ace on the River," which is less about how to play poker and more about how to be a poker player is this: once you've made your hobby your job, get a new hobby

  16. I find that about 4 hours is my sweet spot when ever i try to play longer i lose am a steady winner if i stick to short session ty for sharing your knowledge

  17. keep playing if you are playing your A game and you are up but starting to dwindle. Doubled up to $2k started to leak down to $1650 felt loss edge and better players and cashed out, leaving up is hard as ppl love to play until broke/stuck. Another session, loss to a royal flush down to $100 said to self play A game, 8 hrs later up to $4k cashed out.

  18. Hey Daniel. Let's say I'm playing 1-3 NL and within the first hour I am up $300. I feel like I am dominating the table and really have made most all of the profit without even going to showdown but maybe a couple of times. My thinking is that I call it a day and leave up $300. Could I be shorting myself of more profit since I smell intimidation or feel like I am playing with weak players? What general rule of thumb when it comes to % gain do you decide to walk away with (at a MUCH LARGER scale obviously)?

  19. Daniel. Why is it everytime I sit at my local 1/3 no limit casino table.
    Why they allow Straddling.
    I understand it's more of gamblers thing.
    But I feel the classic feel of hold em is gone.
    The dealer allowed the Button to straddle and the UTG would straddle also.
    I didn't enjoy it. It seems like everything gets out of position.
    So I got up and just cashed out.

  20. Negreanu is my favorite player of all time. He calls the most hands and has a great personality. I always had big stakes dreams, but keep getting shut down on the grinding climb. Winning big, to lose it back, even after paying a bunch of bills etc. Too much celebrating for me after winning (ego) to negate the losing. Poker is awesome. Gambling sucks. What a conundrum 😔😁🖖✌

  21. Can someone help? I'm considering playing poker at a casino nearby and I'm curious as to how I can cash out my poker earnings. Are there rules preventing me from taking in a big pot and taking my chips to the teller? (I've never been to a casino, but I've been playing poker for years.) Thanks in advance for any info.

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