When you hit a Royal Flush Draw in Poker!
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50 Replies to “When you hit a Royal Flush Draw in Poker!”

  1. Question: Why is the last video at 13:10 a royal flush? I thought both your cards must replace 2 of the community cards? You can't just choose one card to replace right?

  2. I just spent seven minutes looking at three guys stare into space. When they finally did play their hands, where the hell was the royal flush?

  3. A royal fucking flush ending a tournament? I'm sorry but those are just… those… those… No. That shit is just… Okay, considering he already had it won, I'll consider this valid, but if a royal flush on the river had turned the tables and won a tournament, I'd spend the rest of my life in court arguing about how that was too good to be true.

  4. "I never bought a stock in my life" yea cause you gambled all your money away untill you just happen to make it big, like crypto, casinos are crypto before crypto like crypto was nft before nft and now the facebook mii verse will eventually take over all of it being absolutely worthless

  5. I don't get it. 38% to win, 20% to split and 20% to split, and 0% to win, plus 2% to win. These numbers do not add up to 100. The 3-way split is all I can think of but that's like 1%.

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