Tiffany Michelle puts poker playboy millionaire and all around badass, Dan Bilzerian in the hot seat! Bilzerian gives Pokernews the inside scoop on a proposed $100,000,000 heads-up poker match verses billionaire Alec Gores. Will it happen? When will it happen? And where will it happen?

Plus, Dan Bilzerian gets candid about life as a GGpoker pro, his new book The Setup, the craziest thing he has YET to do, why Phil Hellmuth is a gluten for punishment and why he hates tournament poker.

Here’s more on the potential hundred million dollar Bilzerian vs. Gores heads-up poker match:


28 Replies to “WSOP 2021 | Dan Bilzerian to Play 100 Million Dollar Poker Game”

  1. This is never going to happen lmao. The company cannot possibly afford to stake him, BP is his only hope of actually committing to this fantasy lol.

  2. WTF? Why would GG Poker want a guy like that? Moping around like "I am only here because I have to be.". Short answers. Just looks pissed off. What an ass. Just don't do the interview if you are going to act like that guy.

  3. His convicted felon dad was a shady businessman and pilfered millions and spread it amongst family. He says he made all his money from poker because hard to trace.


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  5. It's gotta be annoying to the actual poker players on GG that have to pretend this guy is real at all. Especially when he's basically just a criminal, all the money is just his father's stolen money laundered through this pretend 'poker' fantasy.

  6. To be fair there is credible sources that say Bilzerian has been invited into some really juicy California games where has won a bit (i.e I remember a Harolobis Vulgaris interview saying such). Has he made 100$ million+ from these games? Probably not, probably adjust the zeros a bit to low 7 figures as best. So for someone to snap agree to a 50 million freezeout vs a billionare donk is just fodder, if this does happen I highly doubt Dan would put up more than 5-10% of his own action. The man has been exposed a dozen times over for his lifestyle and financial gains its really hard to decypher whats real and not about this guy. The best exposure of him was him being on camera begging a cop for a gun during the Las Vegas shooting at the Music Festival like giving him a civilian a gun in that spot would happen in the slightest—this guy is living in a different world than everyone else and he might actually believe some of the delirium he spouts. "Hey, I won half a million over the weekend from these donkey actors in hollywood"…he keeps telling the story over and over between circles of "friends" and by the end of the year that half of a million somehow adjusted and added in a few zeros—-now THAT fits the bill of what more than likely went down.

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