The “Cinderella Story” coming out of the 2021 World Series of Poker Main Event is Atlanta’s George Holmes – a recreational, low stakes home game player – making it to the #WSOP Main Event final table (from a field of 6,650) to play heads-up for the WSOP Championship title. Although he fell short of the ultimate victory, with a second place finish, he earns a $4,000,000 payday and the experience of a lifetime.

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43 Replies to “WSOP 2021 | Poker Home Game Player Wins $4,000,000 in Main Event”

  1. Would have loved to see Holmes take it, but I think the pressure really got to him on the final hand. I think at smaller stakes, and no TV cameras, he would have likely made the lay down in a similar spot. Given the action and the river cared there was only a few hands he was beating and a bunch he was losing too.

  2. Loved how fearless he played but that flop float and river shove was his undoing. Basically tied in chips, no reason to go broke there. But played so well, I’m a fan

  3. Would have liked to have heard his thought process on the final hand….especially calling the reraise on the flop and shipping on river. Did he ship on river because he realized he was behind or did he really think he could be best?

  4. Mad respect for George Holmes. Balls, aggression, composure, intelligence. His comeback to take the chip lead should be legendary, making moves three-handed against two stone-cold pros. So proud of this guy.

  5. Would have loooove seeing to him winning ! Great job sir and you are a hell of a player and great dad 🙂 now go to your kids and spoil the hell of out your wife ^_^

  6. Played the best at final table considering circumstances of aldemirs stack. Was the best player overall, just not the last hand unfortunately

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